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Windows Server 2012 Thread, HP Service Pack for ProLiant 2013.02.0 - Server 2012 now supported on 'G6' servers in Technical; ...
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    HP Service Pack for ProLiant 2013.02.0 - Server 2012 now supported on 'G6' servers

    If you have any of the Proliant G6 servers listed below, you will be glad to know that Windows Server 2012 is now an officially supported operating system (once you have installed the relevant updates on the disc).

    Homepage / Download / Release Notes

    SPP 2013.02.0 contains these new capabilities:

    • Contains drivers and firmware for newest HP ProLiant Gen 8 options
    • Provides online deployment of VMware ESXi 5.0 and VMware vSphere 5.1 firmware smart components for HP ProLiant servers so that only 1 reboot is required for updates to take effect; thus increasing uptime. Supported new components are:
      • HP ProLiant Gen 8 and G7 BIOS System ROMs
      • HP Integrated Lights-Out 3 and 4
      • HP Smart Array Controllers – P2XX, P4XX, P8XX
      • Select Hard Disk Drives for HP ProLiant Gen 8 and G7 servers
    • Contains latest operating system support for:
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9
      • VMware ESXi 5.0 U2
    • Extends Microsoft Windows Server 2012 support to the following HP ProLiant G6 servers:
      • HP ProLiant BL460c G6 Server
      • HP ProLiant DL380 G6 Server
      • HP ProLiant DL360 G6 Server
      • HP ProLiant ML350 G6 Server
    • Contains PXE Directory information and sample files about PXE booting the SPP ISO for improved qualification cycles, resource usage, maintenance windows, and downtime
    • Contains the latest release of HP Smart Update Manager, HP SUM 5.3.5.
    HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) with HP Smart Update Manager (HP SUM), part of the HP Smart Update portfolio, provide breakthrough system maintenance tools that systematically update HP ProLiant servers and blade infrastructures with one-click simplicity at the scale of your data center. They simplify and consolidate system software update processes enabling you to update your ProLiant servers 3 times faster, with a 93% reduction in downtime due to the online updates process.1

    The HP Smart Update process starts with the industry's most comprehensive update package, the SPP, which includes firmware, drivers, and tools across servers, infrastructure and options. To reduce churn, these update packages are pre-tested for interdependencies and supported for 1 full year with fewer, more predictable updates that align with most major server releases. You decide whether you want to maintain the HP recommended SPP baseline configurations or customize them to your standards. The bottom line is less time spent on maintenance and more confidence in the stability of the updates.
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