I have an interesting one with 2012.

I had a server running 2008R2 and upgraded to 2012 a few weeks ago. This was hosting shares and printers.

All was working until I came in one day to find there were no printers any more. Thought I'd check the Spooler service, and it wasn't even there in the MMC.

The spoolsv.exe was present, so I exported the HKLM\System\Curr..\Services\Spooler registry key from another 2012 machine to recreate the service.

The spooler then starts, then immediately stops. Looking the the eventvwr - it suggests this "has done so 40odd times"

I rebooted the server to no avail. Removed all drivers, ports, monitors, and printers from the registry, renamed folders containing print drivers etc., still the same problem.

Chose to do an in-place reinstallation again to 2012 - only to find the same problem.

Shared folders, management, everything else works perfectly.

I've just moved my printers for now!

Cheers for any advise people may have.