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Windows Server 2012 Thread, PaperCut Scripting Competition in Technical; Our Server 2012 forum sponsors PaperCut are proud to let all of you 'Geekers in on a little secret. They ...
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    PaperCut Scripting Competition

    Our Server 2012 forum sponsors PaperCut are proud to let all of you 'Geekers in on a little secret. They seem to have ordered a few too many Raspberry Pi boards and want to let you have some, but in the true spirit of the EduGeek community, they want to make you earn them. All you have to do to enter is to read their overview below and follow the instructions within for all of the details you require.

    Hi my name is Kent Nolan and I work in Tech Support for PaperCut. A while back I had the idea of running a competition that involved people coming up with the most creative/fun script they can make. We’ve seen some funny scripts in the past that have come through support, mainly the one about the IT guy who forwarded every fifth print job through to the principal's office, resulting in concert tickets being snapped up by a lucky assistant.

    It is scripts like that one that lead me to this idea; how geeky can you make these scripts? There are plenty of people who are better at JavaScript than I am - in fact my example script is pretty lazy, have a look at the code. Chris Dance (one of the PaperCut founders) has written a script too and that one is pretty impressive.

    And if you win, first place is a Raspberry Pi with all the trimmings, second and third place get a Raspberry Pi unit too. If your script doesn’t win a Raspberry Pi but it’s really geeky, we have some ThinkGeek vouchers to give away.

    If you want to play, check out our competition page and when you’re ready, you can enter by either:

    • Posting your script as an attachment below.
    • Linking us to your blog.
    • Creating a GitHub branch for it (also post a link below).
    • Or by emailing it to the following address: edugeekcomp@papercut.com

    If you have any questions, let me know, I’ll be lurking around in this and other threads.

    Good luck, have fun.
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