Ok We have a spare server that I'm now testing Remote Desktop Services 2012 on it.

I have created a profile for staff and students. I created this without any software installed.

Now the problem, when I install and setup APP-V on it , it creates a title for each app-v software the user has access to. This looks a mess, it's not in alphabetic order and not grouped by subject. I could make a new profile and unpin these programs, but again the problem would arise when we setup more app-v programmes.

I only want a shortcut to the folder app-v creates in the start menu for each department.

For example, We have a few programs for Science, APP-V is configured for all domain users to get this on their start menu in a folder called science. This is the folder I have pinned to the StartScreen.

Or being able to control where the titles are and be able to group and name the group to. But just redirecting the start menu doesn't seem to do anything. I cant see a way of controlling this, why haven't Microsoft put something in group policy for this? or am I missing something

Any ideas how to do this?

Guess we would have the same problems if we did try Windows 8 in a classroom