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Windows Server 2008 Thread, x64 clients with x84 printer server in Technical; we have a x84 print server and are now wanting to push out x64 os to pcs. i have tried ...
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    x64 clients with x84 printer server

    we have a x84 print server and are now wanting to push out x64 os to pcs.

    i have tried installing drivers from x64 server and using the printers share.
    i just get error.

    is there a way to get this to install.

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    It's a mess, and you'll probably want an X64 server before long if only to host the printers! you can do it though if you "install" the printer on to the x64 workstations "connected" to LPT2, then put a batch file with a net use command in the startup group to connect to the printer.

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    It can be done and it's not difficult. I presume you're running either 2003 R2 Server or 2008 Server as it's x86 (32Bit).

    Open up Print Management, expand your Print Server (typically the local server), then highlight drivers. Download the latest x86 and x64 drivers for your printers. Install the x86 driver first, then the x64 driver. Make sure they're the same language and version, for example:

    PCL5 x86
    PCL5 x64


    PCL6 x86
    PCL6 x64 etc...

    If you're running 2008 R2 which is x64 (64Bit), you'd repeat the above but the other way around. Install the x64 driver first and then the x86 driver. Windows 32Bit or 64Bit will automatically choose the right driver when you deploy or install a printer.

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