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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Mandatory Profiles in Technical; I've had quite a few problems as of late with teachers saving documents to their desktops, and when they log ...
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    Mandatory Profiles

    I've had quite a few problems as of late with teachers saving documents to their desktops, and when they log off and then back on again, to their surprise all of their work is missing! I know these files just get deleted, but is there anyway to store these files in a specific location for a set amount of time?

    I'd rather leave the profiles as mandatory, and although the teachers should all know to save to their own area on the server, they all seem to forget this when they're working on urgently important reports.

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    Remove write rights to the Desktop, a bit of a nasty way to do it seeing as they'll get Access Denied when they try to save, but it works for our student's mandatory profiles here.

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    I'd advise redirecting the desktop give them read and execute only to the desktop. Stops them saving anything to the desktop.

    If you really want them to save to the desktop then you need to redirect the desktop again but to personal folder. As for keeping stuff for a limited time frame then you can run a script on a schedule to delete files after x days.

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    Redirecting the desktop to somewhere on your network is probably the best solution.

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