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    Printer permissions problem

    Hope someone can help as this is starting to drive me mad!

    We have a server 2008 instance acting as the print server for our school and I want to restrict which groups can print. I have added the groups that I want to be able to print and have given them permission to print and that all works fine however the printers also lets groups that are not listed print and I canít find a solution.

    We are part of a network that includes 200 schools and has hundreds of groups so itís not practical to add all the groups and then deny them the print permission.

    Is there any solution to this?

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    I see two solutions (depending how things are setup).

    If the 200 schools are part of the same domain, create a new Security Group (I'll call it Print Group) then add all existing Security Groups required into Print Group. You can then add Print Group to the Security tab on the printer.

    If the 200 schools are separate domains, then you need to create a Universal Group, then add existing Security Groups required into this. This will work irrelevant whether or not there are Trusts between the domains or not.

    If users are still able to print regardless, you need to check user Security Group membership to get to the root of the problem.

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    Which default groups are in the list? Is there a domain users or everyone group (or a servername\Users group)? They need removing if so

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