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Windows Server 2008 Thread, ISA server, in Technical; Hello guys, I have an ISA server in my network and i've filtered everything but im suffering from a slowness ...
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    ISA server,

    Hello guys,

    I have an ISA server in my network and i've filtered everything but im suffering from a slowness in my internet connection, lately i've decided to monitor the users using the default monitoring for ISA but its very weak, and i installed GFI web moniror but it was not good as well,
    anybody knows how to handle this ???

    kind Regards

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    Is the slowness something that has happened only sine you put ISA in?

    How slow is "slow"? Is it raw throughput, or page load speeds that are the problem?

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    Tom should be able to help - only thing I can think of and may not even be related now but :

    1. What version of ISA do you have ?
    2. The filtering that you do on the ISA server, is it just one big group that has IP Addresses mixed up with domain names i.e. www.blocked-website.org and Y.X.Z.B

    If you only have one filtering group ( not sure if that is what it is called ) then you would be better off having 2 groups for blocking, one for just domain names and one just for ip addresses, see if that helps. Assuming that is how they still do blocking on ISA Server

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