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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Group Policy logon script - Using multiple IP ranges in Technical; On our network, we are using a 192.168.16 range for all workstations. However, to get Target Tracker working, I've had ...
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    Group Policy logon script - Using multiple IP ranges

    On our network, we are using a 192.168.16 range for all workstations. However, to get Target Tracker working, I've had to manually set the computers that are running it to 172.18.25, and each of our 4 servers have a 192 and alternative 172 address (long story, don't ask). These computers with the 172 address run a logon script set in group policy to add 2 network printers, but since changing the IP addresses, it has stopped working. I have re-added all of them to active directory which didn't work, and I have set one of them back to an automatic IP address and it did work. If I log in as administrator on one with a 172 address, it does work during logon, it just doesn't for staff and students but it can't be anything to do with privelages as I can run the script manually using Run... on a normal user and it works. I'm a bit stuck with this, and have spent hours narrowing it down to the fact that this is the cause. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I'm still learning all things TCP/IP and AD so I'm not certain if this is true but I think the problem is beause you are using a different network ID. I was of the understanding that the network ID has to bethe same(hence the device/computers being on the same network) for AD to work and all of it's GPO's

    maybe some soft of routing has to be configured.

    edit: appologies I just realised you had a gpo successfully apply on admin logon, I'd check gpresult to see if the GPO is appying for user.

    also it's handy to use delprof since some user accounts I've found go a bit iffy and stop picking up gpo's
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    I don't know how your AD and scripts are setup, but it might have something to do with how AD Sites are defined. Take a look at Active Directory Sites and Services and associate your new subnets with the site they're in.

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    Duke5a is right, GP scripts/settings won't apply to unless the client's IP is in a range defined in AD Sites and Services.

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