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Windows Server 2008 Thread, identifying the creator of a file in Technical; I've had a miscreant create a file on our student share with rather unpleasant name. I'm trying to locate the ...
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    identifying the creator of a file

    I've had a miscreant create a file on our student share with rather unpleasant name. I'm trying to locate the creator of the file so I can arrange some sort of public humiliation but when I look up the file's properties on the server it lists the owner / creator as "Administrator" Not all that helpful.

    Does anyone know a way of finding the true creator?

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    Is it an MS Office document? Might be able to get their username from the "Summary > Advanced" tab of the properties if it is (it'll most likely be under "Author")

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    Well... if administrator is the owner then it could be that administrator has posted it (or someone who knows the pass)...or you have a backup solution that edits this information. Then you should change this asap. I think you have no other alternatives to find this culprit. You could also look into file object auditing.


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