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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Installing Windows Server in Technical; Just curious as to whether its best to perform a clean OS install for a server rather than use a ...
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    Installing Windows Server

    Just curious as to whether its best to perform a clean OS install for a server rather than use a server startup disc? I have always performed a fresh install of windows server and then downloaded the latest drivers/required software from the manufacturers website. Never had any problems and I know exactly whats installed on the server. I setup a new server recently but my colleague says to use the server startup disc rather than a clean install. Not sure of the reasoning but I just wondered what everyone else normally does?


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    I have always used the HP/Dell/IBM (Server Brand) Media that comes with new servers to install the Operating System, I just think generally you find Drivers/Management software etc. just gets installed without any problems in the first instance. You can configure the RAID, ILOM etc. when preparing the server.

    With older boxes that I have not brought brand new, or do not have the media then I just boot from the Windows Media and then just get the drivers etc. :-)


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    Clean install normally

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    If you have a server setup disc I'd use that as not only do you get the drivers but also the manufacturers server management tools as well. It also ensures everything goes on correctly first time. You can setup with a simple Windows disc, but you then spend time faffing around installing drivers once you've done, and sometimes the management software does not go in correctly (Dell, I'm looking at you here!) if you try and install it independantly of the server setup disk.

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