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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Want to set a profile for one specific student in Technical; We need to set a profile that applies to one specific student - anyone got a guide of how to ...
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    Want to set a profile for one specific student

    We need to set a profile that applies to one specific student - anyone got a guide of how to go about it please?

    Need to set his internet access to a non working proxy - have tried it via GPO but that's not worked so reckon that doing it by profile might?

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    If you truly mean changing his user profile to a different one from normal, then you would simply change his user account in AD to point to the new profile path. Personally I'd be more worried about why your Group Policy settings are apparently not working. Where in Group Policy did you try to set the proxy?

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    Create a group i.e. internet disabled, make a GPO with some bogus proxy setting, Filter the GPO to that group only and depending how your'e AD is structured either put the GPO in the students OU in order above the standard policy or put it in the security group container and add the naughty student/s to the group.

    This is what we used to do at my last school for exam students who weren't allowed on the internet but needed computer/network access.

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