Hi All,

I am having an issue with win2k8 NPS. I have setup a new Aruba wireless in one of my customers. Currently the company has two NPS server one is old and will be docomissioned soon and one is new which is what everyone will use.

In my wireless I have setup two SSID's, one is STAFF which should be getting a staff vlan ip range, another SSID is GUEST which should get guest vlan ip

Right now the Aruba is setup to authenticate in the old NPS and everything is working, wireless clients get the correct IP address that they should be assigned. However if I point the my Aruba to authenticate to the new NPS problem exists, when STAFF clients connect to the SSID, authentication is successfull BUT getting the wrong IP range which is suppose to be for guest (

The configuration in the new NPS is a carbon copy from the old NPS. Has anyone ever experience this kind of issue? What could be the issue that is causing this to happen? Please help as I am not an expert in Windows server. Any replies would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.