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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Can't install W2K8 on new hard drive in Technical; hi all, OK, here's the story. Had a machine running Win XP, with 3 hard drives in it. Unplugged 1 ...
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    Can't install W2K8 on new hard drive

    hi all,

    OK, here's the story. Had a machine running Win XP, with 3 hard drives in it.

    Unplugged 1 hard drive, removed 1 hard drive and installed 1 new 1 TB Seagate Barracuda hard drive

    Put Win Server 2008 R2
    Standard 64 bit DVD in the DVD drive, I start up the machine, it boots from the DVD, and Windows setup starts. I go through the install wizard to the point where it asks 'Where do you want to install Windows?' And it displays a list of drives - the problem is, it only shows 1 drive, with drive letter O, and shows that this drive has 3.9GB. I can only conclude that somehow it's picking up the DVD drive as drive O, and showing this. Because the machine currently only has 2 hard drives in it - one of which is completely unplugged, and the other of which is a new 1 TB drive.

    Of course, I want to install W2K8 Server on the new 1 TB hard drive, but Windows setup doesn't seem to be detecting the new drive. Can anyone help me?

    thank you very much.

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    You may need to get drivers for the storage controller, its weird as I have yet to find any storage controllers not directly supported by 2k8r2 but anyhow just download and extract the storage controller drivers from the internet and put them on a USB drive. Boot into the installer then use the add driver button when it gets to the where do you want to install screen. This should allow you to load the right driver and see the new drive.

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