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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Exchange 2010 - Useful Powershell Commands in Technical; Hi there, I've just started getting me head round using Exchange Powershell command so I thought I'd share some that ...
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    Exchange 2010 - Useful Powershell Commands

    Hi there,

    I've just started getting me head round using Exchange Powershell command so I thought I'd share some that I thought useful.

    Please add more!

    After adding new users run these commands to update the address lists:
    Get-Globaladdresslist | update-Globaladdresslist

    Get-Addresslist | Update-Addresslist

    To restrict the number of recipients members of a database can send mail to:

    Get-Mailbox -Database "Database name" -ResultSize Unlimited |Set-Mailbox -RecipientLimits 5

    Creating a new mailbox database (new year groups):
    new-mailboxdatabase -Server '<EXCHANGE SERVER>' -Name '<DATABASE NAME>' -EdbFilePath 'E:\Exch2010-DBs\<DATABASE NAME>\<DATABASE NAME>.edb' -LogFolderPath 'E:\Exch2010-Logs\<DATABASE NAME>'

    Mounting the new database:

    Mount-Database -Identity "<DATABASE NAME>"

    Setting mailbox limits within a database:

    Set-MailboxDatabase -ProhibitSendReceiveQuota '45Mb' -ProhibitSendQuota '40Mb' -IssueWarningQuota '35Mb' -RetainDeletedItemsUntilBackup $true -Identity "<DATABASE NAME>"

    Set mailbox offline address book:

    Set-MailboxDatabase -OfflineAddressBook '\Default Offline Address Book' -Identity "<DATABASE NAME>"

    Create new global address list:

    New-GlobalAddressList -Name "<ADDRESS LIST NAME" -RecipientFilter {(MemberOfGroup -eq 'cn=<GROUP NAME>,OU=Exchange Groups,DC=XXX,DC=internal')}

    Update GAL:

    Update-GlobalAddressList -Identity "<ADDRESS LIST NAME>"

    Default GAL permission change:

    Add-ADPermission -Identity $dngal -User "<ADDRESS LIST NAME>" -AccessRights extendedright -ExtendedRights "open address list" -Deny:$True
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