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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Domain Group Policy Questions in Technical; Hi All Appolgies wrong forum, could admin move it to 2008R2 forum This may have been answered before, I did ...
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    Domain Group Policy Questions

    Hi All

    Appolgies wrong forum, could admin move it to 2008R2 forum

    This may have been answered before, I did try searching however didnt get much luck. I am using Server2008 R2 and windows XP desktops and laptops. What I want to do, is change the background of the machines when the login screen is display to give some information regarding logging on (mainly for our new wireless laptops coming in)

    I have done it before many moons ago on an early 2003 server by my memory has passed me by now( I remeber a script with registry entries in) If I remeber correctly the issue I did have was when you set the background, once users have logged on it would replace their desktop with information regarding domain logins.

    If anyone has any pointers it would be great to hear


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    so you want to change the default blue background behind the ctrl/alt/del screen?

    i think the only way to do it (short of scripting it on every pc) is using the preferences tab and adding .default user reg keys to the systems. it should work but ive not tried

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    Thanks for quick reply. Yes I see where you are coming from, infact I have found some information which may point me in the correct direction below

    Personalize Windows Domain Logon Screen

    Im sure this is similar to the one I have used before, which then meant all desktops were the same as the login screen, funny as it sounds we need our pupils to be able to change their backgrounds, and have them stay there

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    BGinfo can change the login screen background on XP.

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    Thanks for that BGInfo looks a great tool,

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