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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Folder Redirection Not Applied in Technical; We've setup a new domain over the summer which I'm currently configuring. We have two DCs running 2008 serving this ...
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    Folder Redirection Not Applied

    We've setup a new domain over the summer which I'm currently configuring. We have two DCs running 2008 serving this new domain with a test machine running XP and test accounts all setup.

    Group policy is applying to the user and computer accounts correctly with one exception which is folder redirection. I'm trying to redirect the Desktop and Start menu folders on a per room basis to reflect the needs of each room. The folders should be redirected to

    \\"server"\start\"room" & \\"server"\desktop\"room"

    Both shares have been setup and the permissions tested by accessing them from the test accounts. The shares are readable but with no write access given.

    I've disabled all policies with the exception of the Folder Redirection policy to ensure I've not made a setting which may be conflicting and still the redirection isn't applied.
    When I view the workstations local Documents & Setting folder the account has a locally created profile with Desktop and Start Menu folders. I'm assuming these should not be appearing if Folder Redirection is working correctly.

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    I am also experience this issue.

    Did you ever manage to fix this?

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