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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Ideal World in Technical; Hey guys, Might have the chance to start with a clean slate and just wanted some possible suggestions you guys ...
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    Ideal World

    Hey guys, Might have the chance to start with a clean slate and just wanted some possible suggestions you guys may have.

    Basically were and engineering company with about 150 users in 1 office
    hopefully soon adding another satellite office with perhaps 20 users

    Just wondering what recommendations anyone has regarding servers DC's Exchange servers, virtualisation, virtual applications (save time on updates and fixes..) basically an all rounder solution.

    Hardware/Software costs isn't too much of an issue just now, just after a reliable solution than can be scaled easily.

    All suggestions welcome.

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    Server 2008 R2 - with RODC at your satellite office.
    Thin clients + Hyper-V Server Virtulisation with Citrix XenDesktop VDI would be be ideal world
    HP kit all the way (look for some kind of discount if you are buying tones of kit).

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    All sorts of loverly stuff,
    MDT - microsoft deployment toolkit, used to deploy os and applications
    Hyper v - cluster your virtual servers
    Appv - Package and then deploy streaming applications to the desktop
    Dpm - Data protection manager, for backups.

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