We have a a backup server here based on an Intel S5000PSL mother board with a SAS Controler card.

Had to re-install for variours reasions, so have a clean install of Server 2008 x64, installed DPM (x64) with SP1 and the march 31st hotfix updates.

Now the SAS Controler Card looks after the raid 5 array of disks used for the DPM disk pool and also contects (via exteral connector) to our SuperLoader 3. All was good and working until I tried to inventory the library.

Every time I do so both the Disc array and the Superloader go ofline and only a reboot will re-connect them to the OS. The autoloader is connectable and managable via the web interface at this time.

Anyone got any idea's because i cant see why this is going on.