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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Have to refresh to see changes on shares in Technical; This is really annoying me now- I spotted a blog post on the PcPro website that reminded me of an ...
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    Have to refresh to see changes on shares

    This is really annoying me now- I spotted a blog post on the PcPro website that reminded me of an issue I dealt with in Server 2008/Vista a couple of years ago.

    The issue then was that newly created files were not appearing in a share window until you reloaded it or pressed refresh, and that changes were not reflected until you did the same.

    I'm not sure if it was a registry or GP change I used to solve it, or even if it was on the server or the client (although I suspect the server) and a couple of speculative searches haven't lead to enlightenment.

    I may of course be completely wrong about this bug as the source of the journalist's problem and this is in no way important for our environment at present (we're still Server 2003 here, and I have no access to the environment where the problem originally occurred- life has moved on) but it'll stop me thinking about it when I take my wife out to dinner this evening. And you never know, if any Server 2008 gurus on here know the answer, it may bring resolution to a problem annoying any number of EduGeekers out there.

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    You'll want this as this has sorted it out for me when I had the problem a few days ago.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

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