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Windows Server 2008 Thread, "Upgrading" to Server 2008 in Technical; In my garage at home I have a 2003 Server. Been planning to 'upgrade' it to 2008 Server for a ...
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    "Upgrading" to Server 2008

    In my garage at home I have a 2003 Server.

    Been planning to 'upgrade' it to 2008 Server for a while so I can also take advantage of 64 bit but it has several mirrored drives in it. (Using the built in 2003 software mirroring)

    If I wipe the server drive (Not mirrored) and install 2008 will it pick up the fact the drives were in a mirror configuration before? Or will I just see all the drives with 2 copies of my data and have to link them back up again?

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    I'd be inclined to say no as you're using Software RAID, which at the moment Server 2003 is holding that configuration information. Format the OS and you'd lose the Software RAID configuration.

    If you were running Hardware RAID this would be absolutely fine, as the configuration information is held by the RAID controller, typically located on your motherboard or RAID card.

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