Hi All,
I'm in the middle of rolling Backup Exec 12 out and i have hit a brick wall.

I have successfully managed to get my server to backup to both my "backup to folder" and my tape drive working. so i thought i would be a bit more adventurous so i have deployed my windows server agents across my network and checked that the account used in the logon accounts window has access to all the selection lists, this works fine. I then created my backup polices for each server, daily and weekly, this too works fine. Scheduling fine, resources fine. Feeling pleased with my self i ran a test all fine too.Feeling a happy man i went home

The following day i came back to check the server and view my handy work. Only to find that all of my polices had failed with an access denied message in the log. The strange thing is on checking the help files i found that my problem is my anti virus is not letting backup exec access to a couple of files/folders and this is my brick wall.

The account i'm using is the same account that my av uses to deploy its self around the network so i don't get why it says access denied and then fails, especially as I've ticked the box to use Microsoft shadow volume copying service. What am i missing?

Any ideas greatly received