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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Internet explorer problem in Technical; Ok total stuck on this one today 2 different teachers had classes in out main suite and when using the ...
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    Internet explorer problem

    Ok total stuck on this one
    today 2 different teachers had classes in out main suite and when using the thin clients had the following problem.

    only 4 children out of 18 could log on to the website they were using ( generic school logon)

    others got a bad username password message i even tried it thinking it was them but same result

    then a few hours later the same issue with different site
    only common thing again only 4 got logged on

    has anyone come accross this

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    I've had this some time ago but it was just one class (we have class rather than individual log ons). However, that class could not get an internet connection at all, for any site. From memory I think I blamed the profile and re-built it from a known good.

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    So logged onto computer ok, with individual accounts, but then the one site only 4 could log in, can you get on with another account?

    Did you not contact the website administrators?

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