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Windows Server 2008 Thread, RemoteApps in Technical; So, I'm having a play with RemoteApps with an eye on a forthcoming project..... SMT have made the decision (without ...
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    So, I'm having a play with RemoteApps with an eye on a forthcoming project.....

    SMT have made the decision (without getting me involved I might add!) with regard to Reporting. We're getting the AIM High software for reporting which they are quite excited about (I'm not as I haven't seen it), but one of the important things is staff being able to write reports at home.

    They have a 'Suitcase' application which involves staff having to 'load up', take home, install and write reports then load back into the Suit-Case bring back into work, and re-import back into the application at School. Hmmm... I not convinced some of our Staff would be able to do that! So I've asked them to hold off on purchasing that element until I've done some research, with a view of putting that funding into hardware, licenses, etc for the following.....

    My plan is to RemoteApp the AIM High Application, with a few of publishing it securely over the Web.

    Played to RemoteApp today on an freshly formatted old server running Windows 2008 and got it working with SIMS. Thought if I could get it working with that it would be a good start . This is only internally I must add at this point as I need to obviously do the hoop jumping to get the SWGfL to open up the firewall, but we're not at that point yet. So, it's working with the TS Server, and got the TS Web Access working and can connect to it 'internally' via the web interface. Yep, like it . Now, notice the whole TS Gateway thing which seems is needed as well and ideally on a seperate machine.

    So, my question.... Whose doing a similar thing with RemoteApp and what sort of setup have you got working? Do I need at least two physical servers to do this right? And what sort of load should I expect (ie. How many concurrent users could I get a way with?). I setup up a TS Server years ago (back in 2003) for a bespoke database for a company I worked at and it worked really well, but never had more than 10 concurrent connections so Microsoft's Terminal Services worked well.

    Notice a mention of App-V on here as well, and to be honest not even looked at that or understand it yet. Would this be a better route?

    Again, thanks in advance.


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    AppV virtualises the app and streams it to the desktop i.e. no installation required, which is great but doesn't sound like what you're looking for.

    I saw the demo of this at Microsoft ages ago and it looked really handy for providing home working access but 2 more servers doesn't sound ideal (especially as we're still on physical boxes )

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    I dont know how relevant this will be as you are not looking to remote app SIMS but as you mentioned it I thought it may help as a rough guide.

    We have used RemoteApp for our teachers access to SIMS, just taking a quick look at the server I would say your looking at about 100-150MB of memory per user. If you are interested in any other details of our setup then let me know.

    I wanted to setup a TSGateway aswell but its such a pain getting any firewall changes done that I havent got round to doing it yet.

    I would recommend giving RemoteApp SIMS a go anyway as its much easier to manage and runs very well.

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    Weve been using AIM high for quite some time, it took a while to setup with our MIS data (mainly as its hosted by county) but in the long run it worked out perfectly.
    The Breifcase application is easy to use as long as your staff know how to right click
    If you would like I could send on a help guide that I wrote some time ago?

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