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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Shares confusion in 2008 Please Help! in Technical; Hi Please bear with me, for some reason I have forgotten how to give staff access to a shared drive. ...
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    Shares confusion in 2008 Please Help!


    Please bear with me, for some reason I have forgotten how to give staff access to a shared drive.

    Ok we have a shared drive that our office staff use.

    Within that shared drive there are a number of folders and different users need different access. So for example there is a finance folder in there and only finance staff need access to that, no other office staff needs access to it.

    I am bit confused with the sharing in 2008, its probably because I haven't done it for a long time.

    On the server where the shares reside I right click the share and under advanced sharing I give read access only to the office group. Is that correct?

    I then go to regaular security for that particular folder e.g. finance folder and give just finance users modify access.

    Problem is though finance are still not able to save or delete anything from that folder, I am assuming because it is using the permissions I set on the share and not on the particular folder.

    Problem is if I give full control or change to office staff it gives everyone full control or change access.
    Do I need to add every user into here? is there a better way of doing this?

    Or do I need to share out each individual folder!! that would be a nightmare as I have a few folders to individually give permissions too.

    Please help


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    I would do the following :

    create such a structure:


    1. create a share on the main folder (we call it SHARE).
    Give full control on the authenticateduser group. (share permissions)
    Give list permisions on the authenticated usergroup (NTFS rights)

    2. Create a global group with users that need access to subfolder 1 (in AD)
    Create a local group on your file server that contains the global group mentioned above

    3. Add the local group to subfolder1 and give modify permissions

    4. give your user a mapping to <fileservername>\SHARE



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