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Windows Server 2008 Thread, managing Exch2007 mailboxes on my machine in Technical; Hi All I was under the impression that with Exchange 2007 it would be similar to 2003 then when installed ...
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    managing Exch2007 mailboxes on my machine

    Hi All

    I was under the impression that with Exchange 2007 it would be similar to 2003 then when installed it would change the schema to add further tabs in AD users and computers, so when we want to create a new user, we can also create the mailbox.

    Issue I have is both on the new exchange 2007 server and my desktop in the office which has exchange management tools installed. I cant see any tabs which would allow me to create a mailbox in 2007 whilst creating a new AD account.

    Am I missing something here. Is there some tool I need to install on the server or client for me to able to manage mailboxes in AD?

    I did a quick search and found articles which do it in powershell, surely there must be a way in AD to do this?


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    Am I missing something here

    E2K7 doesn't do it the AD way anymore. Adding mailboxes is in the GUI management. This may sound cruel, but this is very basic Exchange 2007 management and you really need to RTFM.

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    You can install the Exchange 2007 management tools on another machine - just run the setup from the CD again (and untick everything except the tools). That's assuming you're using a 64-bit version of Windows on your own machine; if you're only 32-bit, you can download the the tools in 32-bit form from Microsoft's site, and use the management tools in that.

    Another thing to note is that if you've previously had Exchange 2003 installed on your network, you may find some of the options are still showing up in 'Users and Computers', but they won't actually work.


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    Yeah, you can download Exchange Server 2007 and just install the managment tools on a 32-bit OS, i've got it on my work pc and works like a charm!

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