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Windows Server 2008 Thread, My clients are not picking up time from server 2008? in Technical; Hi All, I'm still working through some problems on my brand new server 2008 setup. None of my clients are ...
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    My clients are not picking up time from server 2008?

    Hi All,
    I'm still working through some problems on my brand new server 2008 setup.
    None of my clients are picking up the time from the server and therefore other things are failing. Can somnebody give me some pointers please?

    I thought that the clients automatically got the time from the server when connecting to the domain??

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    It should say in the logon script, e.g. net time \\server/set /y
    Thats how its get the time here anyways

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    They are periodicly supposed to update their time from the PDC or whatever server you specify. Has your new 2008 server got the PDC role? You should also be able to specify the server in GPO settings as below or trigger a rediscover with the second batch of quoted commands on all of your clients to point them in the direction of the new server if they are still looking for the old one.

    Windows Time Service and Internet Communication
    To Set Group Policy for Windows Time Service Global Configuration Settings

    1. See Appendix B: Resources for Learning About Group Policy, for information about using Group Policy. Ensure that your Administrative templates have been updated, and then edit an appropriate GPO.
    2. Click Computer Configuration, click Administrative Templates, click System, and then click Windows Time Service.
    3. In the details pane, double-click Global Configuration Settings, and then click Enabled. Configure settings as appropriate for your environment.

    To Resynchronize the Client Time with a Time Server

    1. To open a Command Prompt window, click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK.
    2. At the command prompt, type w32tm /resync /rediscover and then press ENTER.

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    Is the 2008 server using an authorative time source, it won't hand out the time to clients if it isn't. It's best to use the windows time options in group policy over a login script.

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    Similar Problem

    Slight thread hijack - I'm having a similar problem.

    XP clients are fine - images deployed by WDS and time syncs fine.
    I'm also setting up various server 2008 clients (NComputing jobbie - needs a server OS for MS TS licensing). If I deploy the image so it doesn't join the domain, the timezone stays as GMT. However, if I set it to automatically join the domain, the time zone resets to Pacific Standard Time - this is the default time zone, I think?
    My unattend.xml has got the relevant <Timezone> tags with GMT specified (not sure of the exact syntax as I'm at home atm!) - I've also tried %timezone% with no luck.

    Any ideas?

    Edit: I should say that the time itself is correct - it's just a few hours out!

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