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Windows Server 2008 Thread, DFS in 2k8 in Technical; Just setup DFS for a client, replicating data to another server (backup purposes). Just wanted too know if anyone else ...
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    DFS in 2k8

    Just setup DFS for a client, replicating data to another server (backup purposes).

    Just wanted too know if anyone else has played around with DFS in 2008 and what you throught of it.


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    I have implemented DFS-R in Windows 2003R2 in a production environments and tested it on in a test lab with Windows 2008 and 2008R2. It works very well even with large amounts of data. I had 1TB of data replicating between Sydney and London over a 2Mbit link. Started with a small amount of data and increased over time to allow the system to keep up.

    Completely seamless to the end user and very efficient data compression.

    All in all I'd say it is an excellent solution, but make sure you read the implementation guide on Technet before starting.

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    We've got it working between 8 offices worldwide, replicating 5 namespaces amounting to about 3TB of data.

    It works well enough when its working, but when it goes wrong it can be a nightmare...as I've recently seen.

    Although for simpler implementations I'm sure it'd be much more reliable.

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    Although it's not for backup, much like RAID as it's just a replica. Most of my file restores are due to user deletion, virtually none though hardware failure. DFS suffers from being affected by end users. If you mean high availability then that's ok

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