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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Folder Redirection and Permissions in Technical; Now I know some of what I am asking has been covered, but I am very new to Server 2008 ...
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    Folder Redirection and Permissions

    Now I know some of what I am asking has been covered, but I am very new to Server 2008 (coming from Novell NetWare) and am trying to learn the permissions for the folder redirections.

    What I have/want is a folder structure as follows:
       -My Documents
       -Application Data
       -My Documents
    I would like the base share to be \\Server\Users$ and each subfolder under that would be branched either by Faculty or Students followed by the %username% and then its subfolders.

    Now with this structure I want only Administrators and the user who is logged in to have access to the folders. I don't want User A to be able to view User B's directory. However as an Admin I want to be able to read and write into that folder.

    I have set in my GPO to redirect the folders listed in the structure under the username. In my attempts I have made it create the directories when the user logs in if they do not exist and I can read/write but so can every user in the domain. So I want to lock that down and need some help.

    With the structure I have, how do I get those permissions to be applied each time a new user is created without doing it manually?

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    By default you cannot do this.. ( i mean with the regular AD tools)... You need to setup some kind of policy with your new user creation or need to look for an automated solution (perhaps systemtools hyena or something). Such a tool will run a script(thus creating all those dirs with permissions) when a new user is created. The keypoint is here that those dirs should exist before a users logs on.


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