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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Backup Software Suggestions in Technical; I use Retrospect ( EMC Retrospect ) with teh Exchnage plugin for my Ex 2007 bx. Using teh proactive backup ...
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    I use Retrospect (EMC Retrospect) with teh Exchnage plugin for my Ex 2007 bx. Using teh proactive backup means you nver have to worry about schdueled backups ever again as it backs up new\changed file and folders as and when it detects them. As I have a tape array as well as a NAS box I can run several proactive backup tasks at once (files, mail, admin and daily). It's also devilishly simple to use and reliable as hell.

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    Windows Vista suffers from the same problems as Server 2008. This may interest you and I see no reason why it shouldn't work using Server 2003's NTBackup on Server 2008.

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    If you just want to backup a few folders than I bet you can't find anything more affordable than this: Backup Dwarf. It stores backups into zips, and the price is $20 for most simple license.

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    I'm another Acronis advocate here.
    We use it on every server we have - we have some that run the Acronis agents instead of the full program - I also use it here at home. (Albeit in a much smaller capacity)

    The DR is top notch but there's a proviso - as long as the Acronis DR CD that it can build will boot and recognise your RAID or IDE/SATA/SCSI controllers and your network, then you're all good - if not, then you need to build something a little more robust.

    I've found using UBCD4WIN, adding Acronis components to it and updating the whole thing with DriverPacks to be an excellent alternative to Acronis' own DR-CD.

    The only real PITA with Acronis is, if you want Windows - it's good, but if you want Linux AND Windows, then you gotta shell out for Enterprise Edition - which uses Linux Agents, still good stuff though.




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