Hi there,

I am currently working in a school with a set up of two separate domains, one curriculum and one admin. However we are looking to upgrade to a new server and one domain. I want to put server 2008 on this. I am going to build this along side my current network so that i can do the appropriate testing without any down time on my current network. I have set up a GPO to check that my test computer is actually getting this, however when i join the computer to the domain it will not get this GPO.

I have checked to see where the GPO is being applied from on the computer and it says that it is still looking for it on my old servers, even though i have joined the computer onto my new 2008 domain. Is this happening because the computer is using DHCP from my old server? Or is it a trust issue? Im unsure fully how the network works here as i only started sep 2008 and my boss has left. Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

Background: Current network has two domains. Curriculum domain has two DC's with a shared AD. Admin Domain just has the one DC and only a small number of GPO's (mainly installs from .msi files)