Not sure if this should be in here or the Vista forum

trying to setup a GPO for the promissor software, so that when the user logs on it launches the administrator rather than Explorer

Have created a new OU for the exam user accounts and attached a new GPO to it with "User Config\System\Custom User Interface" enabled for "C:\Program Files\Promissor\Administrator.exe"

Enforced the policy and to only apply to members of the "G Promissor" group which all the exam accounts belong to..

However when I goto my vista clients and log in the normal Vista Desktop loads - not the promissor software

Ran GPUpdate /force to no avail
In teh GPMC on server ran GP Results and it show the policy being applied with no errors!!

Is there something obvious I am missing?

And yes the Promissor Software is on the client in question and even gave G Promissor group Full Access...