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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Will you be upgrading to server 2008 this summer? in Technical; A little too expensive and our EuDcational IT dept don't support 2008 yet...
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    A little too expensive and our EuDcational IT dept don't support 2008 yet

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    Hapilly running a Vanilla 2003 network with XP/2000 clients, this holidays I will be transferring the remaining 2000 clients to be fuly XP.

    Not going to 2008 because we are running quite smoothly with 2003. After 2008 has had some use, and any problems ironed out, I might consider implementing it. We retired the old DC last year and got 2 Quad dell Dc's running 2003 and we are managing very nicely and the network is running too smoothly to see what benefits we would reap with 2008.

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    This year we will be mostly trying to move to Open Source solutions for the servers, where we can't, Win2k3 will suffice for now.

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    Yes and No

    I wanted to do the upgrade but i've been told that the cal licenses can't be transferred between server versions so now I'm going to wait till the licences expire which is october. I don't really want to do the upgrade at half term but I think it will be good to get it out of the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FN-Greatermanchester View Post
    A few reasons, we have one or two machines with Vista so we would like to lock them down. We can cut down allot of ours scripts with the extra functionally of server 2008. Also a little experience with 2008 and we are having a few problems with a domain controller (wont contact the parent domain) so thinking of upgrading while it is being fixed.
    You can take advantage of the functionality of Server 2008 in terms of cutting down on scripts by using the Remote Server Administration Toolset. You install it on Windows Vista SP1, and you get the new Group Policy Management Console, complete with Policy Preferences.

    Works extremely well, at least until we can move to Server 2008 proper! We have such a Vista machine, and that is our Policy Management station. We have removed nearly all startup scripts as a result!

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