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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Network Access Protection in Technical; Ok tried, unsuccessfuly to implement NAP on my new 2008 DHCP scope - to no avail How the f k ...
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    Network Access Protection

    Ok tried, unsuccessfuly to implement NAP on my new 2008 DHCP scope - to no avail

    How the fk do you set it up correctly without the PC losing connection to the domain (domain <DOMAIN> is unavailable)

    I have added the PCs to a group (G NAP Allow) and auth'd it in NAP

    So had to uninstall NAP for time being

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    I'm afraid I can't help here - don't even have Server 2008 around to try it on.

    If anyone comes up with anything positive (or otherwise) about NAP, I may be able to sell it as another reason why we want 2008 here as opposed to 2003.


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