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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Technet Roadshows 2008 in Technical; I was on the front row! I remember hearing the question you asked but didn't look around at the risk ...
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    I was on the front row! I remember hearing the question you asked but didn't look around at the risk of looking like a tool

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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post

    @ahunter, I think you missed Steve's hint with the Software, they are "365 days" Evaluations, think of them as a bit like the Technet+ Internal Use Eval Software. They are Evaluation copies but I am 99.9% confident they will still be working on day 366, licened no but Thats what his hint was, he couldnt say they are 365 day evals but don't die on day 366 as thats encouraging piracy and he'd have been murdered by the team on stage We also get a copy of SQL 2008 when it finally comes out, or at least I have in my pack, they have the preview in at present but theres a slip and you register and get the full one when launched which is good stuff.
    Damn and blast, I must have misheard what they said in Cardiff as I thought it was a full version and it's now on my home PC I'm going to reread all the pack and docs tonight to double check, hope it doesn't lock out after 365 days.

    As they say "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"

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    Well, I was on the wait list, and was moved onto the registered list - at about 9:44 yesterday morning!!!

    Will look out for next years.


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    Dam, Forgot about this wanted to go aswell.. will be looking for next years


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