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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Documents folder redirection or not? in Technical; I am not too savy with folder redirection, and have an issue that may be related. Server is running sbs2008, ...
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    Documents folder redirection or not?

    I am not too savy with folder redirection, and have an issue that may be related.
    Server is running sbs2008, client workstation was windows xp. Someone else had it setup where the my documents folder was on the server (by what means i am not sure - maybe folder redirection.) Every saved document defaulted to the server. It was synchronized so if the pc was offline, it could still access the files. I installed a new windows 8.1 pro pc for the user, joined the domain, and expected the document folder to automatically point again to the server, but it did not. This is my first question. Why didn't this work? Do I have to do something different for windows 8? Was it not folder redirection? Was it an xp local setting instead of server setting redirection the document folder? How can I figure this out? The xp machine is no longer around.. Thanks for being patient with my ignorance.

    Many thanks!

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    Does the XP machine still exist in AD? If so could you check what OU it's in then see if there's any group policies applied to it which might contain the document redirect settings.

    Also are you logging on to the 8 machine as the same user as you did with the XP machine? Users objects can have the home drive set to point elsewhere (i.e, the server) although it wouldn't necessarily have document redirection on.

    And yes it could of been a local settings that had been changed manually.

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