Hi All,

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction on this one, I have looked at most of the 'printer not deploying' threads here (and there are a lot!), but can't find an answer...

Over the summer I created a new XP mandatory profile for the students.

Also, just before this I had to review our GPO for the students and locked it down pretty hard.

Somewhere in all this the default printer has disappeared and will now not deploy.

I have set it to deploy via GPO and I have also set it to deploy in GPP however it will just not appear.

I don't think it was installed when the mandatory profile was created, but I don't know whether this has an impact or not.

I am going to create a new mandatory profile whith the printer installed, to see if this has an effect and I am also going to add a batch or vbs sript into the AD start-up, but I'm not sure it will work as one of the 'lock-down' GPO's prevents batch files running...

However, in the mean time if anyone can see a glaring error or knows which GPO needs to be relaxed to allow printer deployment on mandatory profiles and strict GPO settings please shout!