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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Getting married and changing user names... in Technical; I change the username in AD and create a new email address. Create a new email, transfer everything from the ...
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    I change the username in AD and create a new email address.

    Create a new email, transfer everything from the old email to the new and then delete the old email account. I then use the old email name as an alias to the new account, so stuff sent to the maiden name is still received.

    What I don't do is bother to mess around changing path names and profile names... they sit there under the maiden name, but I haven't had a complaint yet from a newly wed. As long as the public stuff changes... logins and emails... then it's been fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by X-13 View Post

    [CENSORED] RM! So, I CAN do this in AD proper... But their AD-skin, management dooblydoo can't. Why the bejeezus did we get it then?!

    Works fine under CC3, done about 6 in the last 2 years.
    I also create an exchange mailbox with the original name, and stick a forwarder on it to their new account.

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    Hey guys,

    This is the how-to guide I put together for another school regarding changing a user's username/last name and sync'ing those changes across to Google Apps.

    Changing Username / Last Name of Newly Married Users

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    Quote Originally Posted by vladker View Post
    I would just refuse to do this.

    I alter their last name under their ad account, so that their correct name appears on lock screen / email. End of the day, their account is just an identifier. They are lucky that we are kind enough to set it to such an easy convention (e.g first 6 letters of surname plus first initial). You could be a nasty bastard and make them have something like C1094567b as their username....

    Tell them that they will loose all of their emails, and that they will have to inform everyone of their new address. That will shut them up
    Well that is cracking - you are right, they are just lucky we bother to make the IT work for them at all.

    It's attitudes like that that give us all a bad name. Being wanted to be called by your actual name, is not really to much to ask is it?

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    Meh that's nothing. Personally I've put a moratorium on marriage to prevent this ever becoming an issue here.

    I even got the backing of the Head! To quote: "Um, yeah. Good Luck with that"

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    Get off your vertically challenged horse for a second, and you might be surprised to know that I am - Quote - well liked.

    I also happen to be a one man band managing nearly 500 PCs, 1000+ users, servers, switches, 1k other things with a plug attached..... To summarise, I cant go for a wee without someone flagging me down. As such, I try my best to remove pointless crap from my job. Generating new AD accounts, moving files, altering mailboxes etc because someone changes their name falls squarely under pointless crap. Some of us also don't have the luxury of our own exchange servers to create aliases et al. Should we keep their original AD account for when they get divorced for the next academic year ? If you have the time to do this, good for you. You have obviously landed a cushy number.

    Jeez, should I be doing this for kids too ? Some of them have 5 different surnames by the time they leave school (I am not joking).

    My suggestion is a purely valid one. Altering their surname under their AD account achieves nearly all that the end user wants (Their correct name on the start menu, correct name when they send an email). After all, their username is merely a unique identifier which is commonly set as some combo of their surname et al. They go away happy, I expended minimum of effort.

    Just trying pass on some experience and knowledge - take it or leave it. Preferably without being criticised for damning the good name of IT people everywhere
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