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    Folder permissions

    Having a problem with a folder set up on a 2008 server share to allow two users only to have full access to a specified folder. The problem arises when either of the users create a subfolder and add files. The next time they access the subfolder access is denied. Looking at the permissions for the subfolder I can see that ‘full control’ is applied to ‘this folder only’. I can manually add ‘full control’ to ‘this folder, subfolders and files’ but want a permanent fix.

    It is set up as “server share\organisational folder\folder specific to two users”. Admins have full control throughout as normal but other users have the following:

    Server share: domain users have a ‘not inherited ‘ ‘Read & Execute’ permission ‘for this folder only’ as all users need access to the higher levels.
    Organisational folder: domain users have a ‘not inherited ‘ ‘Read’ permission for ‘ this folder, subfolders and files’.
    Folder specific to two users: the two users are allocated a ‘not inherited’ ‘full control’ to ‘this folder, subfolders and files’.

    I believed that all items created by those authorised, within ‘folder specific to two users’ would inherit the ‘full control’ permission. It is likely I have applied incorrect permissions somewhere but could do with fresh eyes to identify where!

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    At a guess, you might need to set CREATOR OWNER to have full control as well...

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