Hi All,

I'm reviewing/writing our diaster recovery plan and have a few questions.

We currently have a Single HP server acting as our File Server storing apx. 300gb of Data/DC/DNS/DHCP running 2008 server, we only have a few hundred users and about 70 workstations. The server works quite nicely under this load. We take a full server backup using BackupExec 12.5 to tape each week and an incremental backup mid-week.

We have just taken delivery of one of the ex-olympic servers a Gateway GT350F1 which has 12GB Ram, 2.6 Xeon and 6 x 136GB SAS drives. I'm looking to use this server to add resilience to the network or at least reduce downtime in the event of a major problem. I would like to hear your suggestions on what you'd do with this server? I'm currently thinking of installing Windows 2012 + Hyper-V and having a few VM's, at least one acting as another DC.

As for our backups, I have tested a restore of a few files from tape, but never tested a complete restore. With limited hardware how should I go about testing this backup to recover the OS and Data? Will a full system backup from BackupExec 12.5 be restorable to different hardware in the case of theft? If not, How can I cover for this? I've seen that in BackupExec 2012 you can backup and convert to VM, does this option actually work successfully?

I know thats a lot of question but a recent theft from the premises, all be external, has really got me thinking about the worse.

Many Thanks for all help in advance