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Windows Server 2008 Thread, Computers not using new DHCP Option 66 & 67 setting... in Technical; Hi all, As we have now moved over to SCCM , and being long overdue an upgrade to Windows 7, ...
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    Computers not using new DHCP Option 66 & 67 setting...

    Hi all,

    As we have now moved over to SCCM, and being long overdue an upgrade to Windows 7, I am having a play around with its deployment tools.

    Unfortunately I have changed the option 66 & 67 settings in DHCP but computers are still being directed to our old WDS server. I have gotten to the point where I am not sure what else I can try (checked the settings about 20 times, stopped & restarted DHCP Server service, deleted lease and ensured it was picking up a fresh address, checked server options to make sure their wasn't a 'master' setting).

    has anyone come across this before and if so how did you fix it?


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    I assume your using SCCM 2012.

    SCCM does not use those dhcp options at all, they are not required.

    SCCM snoops all dhcp requests and responses, interjecting where approperite. If your clients are not getting a PXE boot from your SCCM server it's likely because you don't have any jobs deployed to them. (SCCM only offers PXE boot when theres something deployed). This could be because you need to deploy your task sequence to the All Unknown Computers collection.

    WDS may also be doing this, you should try disabling your WDS server if you cannot proceed.

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