I have set up our printers to be deployed via GPP and have set it to default the printer based on OU of the computer BUT the first time a user logs on the default printer isn't set to the correct one. Once the user logs back in again it sets the correct default. So why doesn't it do this on the first logon? I know I must have missed something here, but as I was trying to replace the mutliple scripts we had in place with 1 Group Policy which applied the printers using GPP. As this doesn't work on initial logon it looks like I'm going to have to revert back to multiple group policies which is what we were trying to reduce.

I have also test this with just a couple of printers but the same thing happens. I've checked that I've got the correct AND/OR set for printer deployment, but as it works after the first logon I assume thats not where the problem is? I've set the action as Update for setting all printers and if I move a Computer from one OU to another the default changes properly. But this only happens after the first logon.