We're experiencing some problems here with Backup Exec 2012 and speeds on D2D backups. It was never great on BE 2010 but we're more reliant on our D2D backups now and wanted to get this issue resolved.

I wondered if some of you could post your typical D2D backup speeds.

Maybe we're expecting too much but ours tend to average between 1 to 1.4GB/min but sometimes a lot less. This doesn't seem that fast.

Our Tape backup (LTO4 Autoloader attached to the Backup Media server) runs between 3.5 to 3.8GB/min.

I logged the call with Symantec originally because we were getting speeds of about 180MB/sec and that was down to a setting (Enable checkpoint restart) in the Advanced Open File tab of the backup job which apparently needs to be unchecked in D2D backups.

An Exchange 2010 VM on our SAN, backups to tape on the physical backup server at nearly 4GB/min so it doesn't seem to be a network issue. In case it was a local hard disk issue on the backup server (14TB Raid 5 SCSI) Symantec suggested creating a Disk Storage on the SAN as its connected by fibre channel but when I did this I got pretty much the same D2D speed as when backing up to the local storage on the Backup server.

I even tried a different physical backup backing up a VM file server to the newly created SAN Disk storage and the speed was identical.

Any ideas on what to look at as this is getting quite frustrating? Everyone says how great D2D backups are but apart from the quick restore speeds they have caused us nothing but hassle and many long calls to Symantec!

Thanks in advance.