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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, New Network in Technical; Originally Posted by rh91uk Used to be, I haven'th ad any issues at all with 10.7.3+. I use .local (str.local) ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rh91uk View Post
    Used to be, I haven'th ad any issues at all with 10.7.3+.

    I use .local (str.local) and it works fine. Just make sure your DNS is all OK

    In terms of Exchange there are no issues as long as you set the MX handler on the external domain and sort the email address policies out

    Good luck!
    Quote Originally Posted by twin--turbo View Post
    schoolname.internal is what we use for the AD domain for the afformentioned MAC issues.

    the doamin hosts two OU's for our two schools across a 1Gb fiber 5Mile wan link,

    For exchange make sure you buy a 5server SSL Certificate ( a go daddy one ) in order to fully support autodiscover and other services correctly on the outside world.

    You seriously need to consider how you protect exchange from spam attacks. We use ClearOS as a mail realy between the outside world and the exchange server. We run BES/Exchange mailbox, Exchange CAS and the ClearOS servers all on one Xen5 Hypervisor.

    Exchange 2010 is going to be installed by a consultant so they will do all that for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSapseid View Post
    so if my website is going to be schoolname.com then my domain should be called schoolname.com with the netbios name of say schoolname or schoolinitials?
    Its not that you should call it but that’s just what we do (to keep everything uniform).

    Our NETBIOS name is just DOMAIN (shorter to type when domain joining things and it looks funny when you get 'The domain domain is not available').

    At our most recently kitted out Primary School we went for their NETBIOS to be their school name though.

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    We are moving to INITIALS.internal, you can set exchange to use your full domain and use DNS to forward your domain. I was told the same as someone mentioned, that unless you are hosting lots of internal services to be published don't use your Domain name as your FQDN. Safer and clearer on what is external and internal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSapseid View Post
    Exchange 2010 is going to be installed by a consultant so they will do all that for me.
    I did ours having never used exchange before, learned a lot from it.

    What Filtering are they putting in?


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