Hi all.

I am reviewing the way I deploy printers to our terminal server user due to the slowness sometimes.

At present we use a script that maps printers based on machine names. Works well but can be very slow at times.

If I'm right in what I'm saying there is a 3 way process to this.

1. The job is rendered on the ts and sent to the client machine.
2. The client sends the job to the print server
3. The print server sends the job to the printer.

Now my question. I plan to install a local printer to each of te thin client devices and use them as a local resource in the rdp session.bas we use paper cut as our print management solution I'm wondering if this will work correctly.

Will paper it recognise that the job was created on a ts by joe blogs or will the locally logged in user show in paper cut.

We use auto login that fires up an rdp session. So my guess is that when a user prints will it show as the local user or the user using the application in the session.

Hard to explain. I will probably find out myself tomorrow but as I'm quite impatient I thought I'd ask on here first. Thanks