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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Windows Update error 0x80072ee2, Windows domain. in Technical; Some of the computers on our network are having a windows update issue. The computer will display an error message ...
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    Windows Update error 0x80072ee2, Windows domain.

    Some of the computers on our network are having a windows update issue. The computer will display an error message that windows cannot search for updates, but if you click search for updates, it will find them. I have looked at the windows update logs.

    HTML Code:
    WARNING: SendRequest failed with hr = 80072ee2. Proxy List used: <(null)> Bypass List WARNING: WinHttp: SendRequestUsingProxy failed for <http://download.microsoft.com/v9WARNING: WinHttp: SendRequestToServerForFileInformation MakeRequest failed. error 0x80072ee2
    WARNING: WinHttp: SendRequestToServerForFileInformation failed with 0x80072ee2
    WARNING: WinHttp: ShouldFileBeDownloaded failed with 0x80072ee2
    20WARNING: Send failed with hr = 80072ee2.
    We connect to the internet on a proxy, but I dont think the proxy is being used when windows update is run. I can connect to the update link in internet explorer. Very strange issue, if any one has any ideas? We are on windows server 2008 r2, machines are all windows 7 enterprise. Many Thanks.

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    Windows Update uses winhttp, which has it's own settings - separate to IE.
    To see what the settings are :- netsh winhttp show proxy
    To see how to set proxy :- netsh winhttp set proxy ?

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