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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, RemoteApps Temp Profile Error in Technical; Hi, I have a strange problem with my remoteapps server which I use with Sims and UAG. Its been working ...
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    RemoteApps Temp Profile Error

    Hi, I have a strange problem with my remoteapps server which I use with Sims and UAG.

    Its been working fine but for some reason now I can't get any of the remote apps to work for the staff. When they log on I can see that its creating a new profile called temp instead of copying their profile from the server or naming one after their name. Even when they have no remote profile listed its still giving them a temp profile. When I log into the remoteapps server as that user I am getting an error message saying that I am logged in with a temp profile. I have checked permissions and they all are fine.

    If I remove the user from all the policies it manages to load Sims but still uses a temp profile.

    Can anyone offer any advise? Seems a bit weird

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    Have you resolved it? I am having the same issue. After 2 days with MS they finally understand the issue I am having

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