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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Intermittant issues with homeshares - WEIRD in Technical; Hi Im hoping someone can help me with a very weird issue. Since yesterday, when users whose homeshares are on ...
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    Intermittant issues with homeshares - WEIRD

    Hi Im hoping someone can help me with a very weird issue.

    Since yesterday, when users whose homeshares are on a particular fileserver, access them, they're itermittantly given the message "location is unavailable". Sometimes they can access it later on, but it tends to happen again.

    It makes no difference whether they've logged off or rebooted the machine either.

    We've eliminated it being an issue with DFS, as we've set the path directly to the server, and it made no difference as to whether the problem occurred or not.

    The only thing we did yesterday on the server, was set a quota on a subfolder on that server - we can't see why that would have had any effect (and we've since removed it, but it didn't make any difference).

    We've restarted the server - again this hasn't helped.

    We've checked the virus log - nothing.

    We're running out of ideas - can anyone suggest anything?


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    maybe a DNS issuse? try using the ip address when you get that message

    eg //192.168.x.x/sharename

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    sometimes it is the network card that is fault we had that on one of our servers but a new card and it was fixed

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