I am getting issues with our DHCP not Creating/Updating records within the DNS server, I have tried a lot of combinations to stop this happening. The problem seems to be the owner flag is ending up being the client (IT000$), and I cannot seem to stop this happening.

I have been looking everywhere for this error and I can’t seem to get it to stop registering clients with their self as owners of the record. Now I must stress that this is not happening to all clients on the network, I have around 1000 clients and it’s affecting around 20 of them. I have set credentials within the DHCP server and added that user to the DNSUPDATEPROXY group. I have changed the update security on both DNS Servers to allow Secure & Non-Secure updates, the Reverse Lockup Zones are there and working fine.

What really annoys me is I manually delete all the records that are flagging up as errors in the DHCP log and they reregister them on next database clean-up and they get reregistered with the incorrect owner.

Has anyone got any ideas?