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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Exchange 2010 SP2 with ActiveSync 14.2 and Blackberry devices in Technical; Originally Posted by Abaddon If you open up Active Directory Users and Computers and locate one of your users that ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abaddon View Post
    If you open up Active Directory Users and Computers and locate one of your users that is not working, Double-Click into the account and click on the Security Tab (if this is not visible, Click on View> Advanced Features from the Menu at the top of the screen then navigate back to your user). Once on the security tab, click on the Advanced Button and make sure that the ‘Include Inheritable Permissions From This Object’s Parent’ is ticked.
    But as sukh pointed out above, upgrading to service pack 2 shouldn't have affected individual account permissions in Active Directory.

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    Agreed, it shouldn't..

    I've had a couple of issues like yours, with random connection errors (to mail boxes), on diverse handsets (iOS, Blackberry and one Android), and this fixed it on all occasions. May not work for you, but it was worth a try..

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    Some AD ubergeekery that *might* be relevant and has explained a Very Great & Perplexing Mystery[tm] for me in the past:

    If you find a normal user where the AD Inherit permissions tick box is clear then look at the adminCount attribute on the user object. If that's 1, then that will usually explain why the tick box is clear and you must set that attribute to 0, otherwise any tick you put in the Inherit permissions box will be automagically cleared again.

    If you want to find users where adminCount =1, make an ADUC custom query where the advanced tab LDAP query is:

    (objectcategory=person)(samaccountname=*)(admincou nt=1)

    ** eliminate the space this forum puts in the word "admincount" **

    Don't do this to Admin accounts without Googling, in fact Google first regardless. Here's some relevant MS info about AdminSDHolder, protected groups and SDPROP to get you started. In my world this has *always* been about Orphaned AdminSDHolder Objects i.e. someone temporarily put user accounts in a privileged group for some reason or other.
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